We know what you're thinking, it's all getting a bit too close to a Skynet reality, just like in Terminator. Driverless cars that learn, all on their own?

That is the future according to Danny Shapiro, Nvidia's director of automotive, who we spoke to last month to get the lowdown on driverless cars and the in-car tech of the future. You can read the full interview here (from 12:30 later today, 4 June).

"Once you've fed it [the car's processor] hours and hours and hours and hours of video in all different driving situations and locations; once it processes that and builds this real network, it's basically modelling how the brain thinks", says Shaprio.

"It's not hard-coding everything in, it's real-time analysis. The system can get smarter and smarter.

"All that information is then going to go up to the cloud. A single update will come down and update all the cars [on the network]. So it's a shared learning; think of crowdsourcing if you will."

It's like the ultimate mothership mind. Which, again, makes us think of a certain other sci-fi movie: Independence Day.

But here's to the future. It might sound scary now, but as Shapiro goes on to detail in our full interview, for driverless cars to work "one of the things, really, is to build the trust. That's a critical thing."