(Pocket-lint) - As well as the super-powered Nvidia Tegra X1 mobile chip, Nvidia unveiled its Drive in-car supercomputer during its press conference held on the eve of CES in Las Vegas.

The Nvidia Drive concept comes in two forms; Nvidia Drive PX is designed for auto-piloted cars, being powered by two Tegra X1 processors and featuring inputs for 12 high-resolution cameras to be placed around the rear of the vehicle; while the Nvidia Drive CX cockpit computer can provide infotainment systems on multiple in-car displays.

Nvidia Drive PX uses the new Tegra processors to provide clearer pictures around a car, for a 360-degree view and churning through 17-million pixels of information in real time. That basically means that as well as auto-parking, cars featuring the system can potentially navigate around a garage back to the driver at the touch of a button, or app.

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The Drive CX computer has the ability to show different graphical information screens, including a top-down 360-degree view of the car in real time. Using Nvidia Drive Studio, designers can also model 3D digital cockpits that look like the real thing and, potentially, can be chosen by the driver in the same way a wallpaper on a phone is.

The system can drive up to 16.8 million pixels on multiple displays, taking the place of the entire dashboard, for example. Alternatively, it can supply feeds to various other screens around the car, in the passenger head rests, for example.

Writing by Rik Henderson.