(Pocket-lint) - Nvidia has announced a car-focused version of its new Tegra K1 "Super Chip" at CES in Las Vegas on Sunday night. The new processor has the functionality to be placed in cars, in an effort to make your ride more futuristic.

The chip will bring better graphics for dashboards and a programmable platform for ADAS (advanced driver assistance systems) so your car can continue to grow in capability rather than be static as it is now, Nvidia CEO Jen-Hsun Huang revealed at a CES 2014 keynote in Las Vegas. 

"Your car will be able to do things that your car won't be able to understand," explained the energetic CEO. "We believe the car is to be your most important mobile computer."

The breakthrough, according to Nvidia, is that car companies which opt to go Nvidia will be able to continually update what the car can do, including improving algorithms. That means they'll be able to start of slowly, but quickly add and grow the capabilities of what the car can do - including perhaps one day making it fully automated. 

But Nvidia isn't just about making our cars safer to drive, but also making the interfaces look prettier. With the new chip, which Nvidia claims is better in terms of graphical power than the PS3 and the Xbox 360, the company hopes to help car makers create better looking dashboards and even ones that are customisable by dealers or customers with a press of a button. 

Shown on stage, Nvidia wants to make car dashboards more vibrant, displaying more information thanks to 192 cores from the Tegra K1 processor. The Nvidia chip can also tell when you're approaching another driver too quickly, drifting out of your lane making an unsafe situation for other drivers, and has adaptive cruise control for those long road trips. 

Nvidia didn't reveal any car partners to pick up the chip as yet, nor did it give a timeline, but Audi sounds very interested.

"Audi and Nvidia have a long, deep partnership, in which we've utilised three generations of Tegra to bring industry-leading capabilities to the instrument cluster, infotainment and rear seat entertainment systems," said Ricky Hudi, chief executive engineer of electronics at Audi AG. "Tegra K1 opens a new chapter for Audi to deliver revolutionary supercomputing advances to the car, paving the way to piloted driving experiences."

The Tegra K1 is expected in mobile devices in the first half of 2014

Writing by Jake Smith and Stuart Miles.