A legend has been reborn with Nissan’s decision to produce its latest evolution of the venerated Skyline - the mack daddy of boy racers.

Succeeding the V35, the new Skyline with its all-new platform and V6 engine has a longer nose, sharply raked A-pillar, curvier lines and is 20mm lower and wider. The sharp end gets a new front-grille and headlamp, while the arse end gets an integrated spoiler, L-shaped tail lamps and a double exhaust.

The new V6 comes in 2.5l and 3.5l versions, offering a bonkers 315bhp and more sedate 225bhp respectively. You also get the world’s first four-wheel drive active steering system and truly next-gen chassis and suspension to help control the power and put it firmly on the tarmac where it belongs.

Inside, you get the choice of aluminium inspired by the texture of traditional Japanese rice paper hand-rolled on the thighs of virgins (probably), or high-quality wood. You also get the fully specced sports seats, leather stitching and a bucket load of space.

Sure, the new Skyline is packed with cool stuff, but it doesn’t immediately excite. The Skyline was always a bit rebellious while still being the undisputed king of the underground urban jungle. But the new one seems to have got a bit too long in the tooth and all grown up. It’ll no doubt be a hoot to drive, if you can be bothered to import one.