Nissan builds Ariya electric SUV hype with stunning Monaco photoshoot

The Ariya is Nissan's long-awaited electric SUV, bringing 10 years of experience from the Leaf into a new segment of the market. (image credit: Nissan)
It's going to compete against the likes of the Audi Q4 e-tron, Mercedes EQC or BMW iX3, giving plenty of space. (image credit: Nissan)
There will be two battery sizes - 65 or 90kWh - with range up to 310 miles (WLTP), and options for two- or four-wheel drive. (image credit: Nissan)
The interior is a big change for Nissan, boosting the quality and reducing buttons, using voice and haptic controls instead. (image credit: Nissan)
There are two 12.3-inch displays in the Ariya, giving a futuristic look to things. (image credit: Nissan)
The Nissan Ariya will be on the roads in 2021, launching first in Japan, followed by US, China and Europe towards the end of the year. (image credit: Nissan)