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(Pocket-lint) - When we reviewed the Nissan Leaf e+, there was so much we loved about the car. We loved the range, the way the car drives, the interior, the practical size - but we didn't like that the price was hoisted higher than it needed to be because of the trim was limited to Tekna, which is right up the scale. 

It's very welcomed, then, that Nissan has announced an N-Tec limited edition of the Nissan Leaf e+. It's going to be limited to 1000 models in the UK, bringing the price down by £3100 - that's not to be sniffed at.


That means it starts from £32,795, which is within spitting range of the Kia e-Niro, one of its rivals that offers stellar range for the price. 

Just to recap, the Nissan Leaf e+ gets a 62kWh battery and the motor offers 217PS power, 340Nm torque, so it's a spritely hatchback. Nissan says that you'll get 239 miles of range, our testing came in around 230 miles of real world driving - which is pretty good - and much more attractive than the 150 miles of the regular Leaf.

Of course, the normal Leaf does come in N-Tec too, but the Leaf e+ gets some additional options added into the price. That includes LED lights, ProPilot (Nissan's level 2 autonomous driving feature), as well as a fancy blue front splitter amongst other bits. It's the bigger battery that's the attractive part of the package here, because it's a really usable range.

The Nissan Leaf e+ won our Product of the Year in the Pocket-lint Awards 2020 - and this version, to us, seems a little more attractive.

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Writing by Chris Hall.