There are some things in life that manage to put a little spring in your step. Whether that be the spectacular view from the top of a mountain, a new smartphone, or a collection of 280 heritage cars all under one roof.

If that last one has just made your eyes light up, then we might well be about to make your day. Nissan's Zama Heritage Collection in Japan is the stuff of car lover's fantasies.

The collection is worth over 8 million US Dollars and it features everything from the first electric car, released in 1947 with the ability to travel 65km on a fully charged battery, to the all the generations of the Skyline GT-R, which began as the Skyline GT-A. 

We've whittled the 280 cars down to the 29 that caught our eye. Some have a story to tell, like the Sunny, which was the first car for regular people, costing 1.2-times their annual salary when it launched. The Gloria and Cedric, which are the same car and the first to feature turbo charge, and the Skyline, which pretty much speaks for itself, with every model just as exciting as the first. Japan's first racing car, the Prince R380-I, is packed in there as well.

Others are just beautiful to look at, although they no doubt have some stories of their own too.