Chairs are one of the last things we imagined would become smart, yet Nissan has seen a way to make it so.

Inspired by the technology in it self-parking cars Nissan has applied the intelligence to chairs. What may have started as a marketing stunt has created something that could be genuinely useful.

The chairs, left haphazardly after a day's use, can be tidied away by simply clapping. This will activate the homing manoeuvre and each chair will return to its correct place under the desk. Presumably this return position could be set as anywhere, not just under the desk.

The Okamura chairs used have been modified by Nissan to work in conjunction with four motion cameras and Wi-Fi control. The base features wheels and motors that allows the chairs to move around the room into position.

While these chair are cools and could be useful in an office environment, don't expect to see them in shops soon. This is clearly just a proof of concept by Nissan to promote its cars. That said if this video proves to be popular there may end up being a market for chairs made for the lazy.

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