Nissan has announced that it will be making a return to Le Mans after 16 years of not taking part - well, not including engine making. It wants to make a big impression with its car entrant so it's entering the high tech GT-R LM NISMO.

This car will use a front-engine system that means the seats have been moved back slightly to fit in the mighty 3-litre V6 twin-turbo powered petrol engine. As if that wasn't enough power, after being fine-tuned, there is also a kinetic energy recovery system. This converts power from breaking back into drive power to be used as a boost when needed.

One of the main limitations to manufacturers at Le Mans is the amount of fuel allowed to be used per second by the engine. The result is more and more efficient cars each year. Nissan says it will be burning around 30 per cent less fuel than was by engines in the 2013 Le Mans.

The exciting part about this car, other than the racing itself, is that this technology will directly filter down into Nissan's road cars, namely its leader the GT-R. Roel de Vries, global head of marketing and brand strategy at Nissan said: "This, the ultimate GT-R, continues a sporting bloodline that goes back three decades with NISMO, the motorsport and performance arm of Nissan. Le Mans drives innovation so success on the track will lead to greater innovation in our road car range."

The new car will first race at Silverstone in the UK on 12 April before going around the world to Spa and onto the Le Mans 24 Hours and Germany's Nurburgring, then onto the US, Japan, China and the Middle East.

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