Nissan has unveiled its in-car heads up display looking like something from a sci-fi movie. It did this in a video called “Nissan 3E birth” which gives away very little but the awesome looks of this cyborg-like headgear.

The HUD is due to be unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show which begins on 23 November. It comes at an interesting time as Nissan just unveiled its Nismo smartwatch design a few months ago.

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Word on the interwebs is that the 3E will not only display the vehicle performance analysis but will also show the driver’s vitals and even social media presence. It all sounds a bit distracting and dangerous, if we’re being pessimistic about it. And with Google Glass already facing problems with the law and using it on the road, maybe Nissan knows something we don’t?

The 3E will also act as a communication device allowing the driver to record projected images and share information to the glasses of others. We’ll find out more as the Tokyo Motor Show draws closer. Like pricing, a release date, and whether these will come with a car as standard.