Nissan has some seriously big plans for its Juke. First there was the Juke R, a GT-R powered supercar version of its conventional production car and now this, the as yet unnamed Juke.

Why is it not yet named? Because Nissan wants Twitter users to christen the car as well as to contribute ideas via tweets. Anything tagged with #jukeride should get spotted.

The car - described as a "a unique, technologically advanced Juke, with its own camera equipped helicopter drone which takes off from the car’s roof" - will be used for filming motorsport. Nissan's Nismo racing team will be followed by the roof-mounted copter, hopefully providing fresh angles on races which should in turn end up on Nismo.TV, Nissan's new YouTube-based racing channel.

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The car is being put together with the aid of F1 legend Johnny Herbert so should end up being rather special. Whether it will be quite as fast as the quite frankly insane Juke R remains to be seen. 

We recently reviewed the Nissan Juke which, despite looking slightly like the Batmobile, certainly ticked the right boxes when it came to in car technology.