Nissan has revealed an electric car that is able to drive itself unaided, at the Ceatec 2012 event in Tokyo. Though the Nissan NSC-2015 is still only a concept, it works, and provides a glimpse at what the future might hold for car travel.

Part of Nissan’s Leaf range, the NSC-2015 uses a host of cameras, sensors and on-board computers to navigate itself, complete with turning ability and braking control.

The built-in camera recognises road markings to help keep it on the straight and narrow, while the sensors help avoid crashing into other vehicles and causing a pileup. 

When the car was demoed at Ceatec, it was limited to a maximum speed of 3mph but was able to park unmanned and then return to the driver when he summoned it via a 4G-enabled smartphone. 

In truth, the Nissan NSC-2015 is far from KITT, the talking, self-driving car from 1980’s hit TV series Knight Rider. But it shows the capabilities are there and there’s even a clue in the name as to when Nissan thinks we might be seeing these bad boys cruising down our streets.