We love the Nissan Leaf. We love the fact it's eco-friendly. We love the gadgetry on board. We even love its garish blue colour. And when we took it for a spin last year, we loved the way it handled.

But it's hardly a babe-magnet. And we all know that for chaps with certain physical deficiencies like us at Pocket-lint, a snazzy car is the only way to snatch a lovely lady (and by physical deficiencies we mean that we wear glasses, nothing else).

Luckily Nissan is planning for the future with its concept car - the Nissan Esflow, which ticks all of the eco boxes and looks super sexy too.

The electric sports car is basically a Leaf injected with testosterone and fitted into a chassis that suggests street racer rather than tree-hugger.

It has a tuned powertrain unit, rear-wheel drive and runs on two motors that produce enough torque for it to reach 100kph in under 5 seconds. It can travel over 240km in one charge. The chassis is aluminium and the car’s weight distribution remains constant throughout a drive.

It's an awesome looking machine, and we look forward to Nissan inviting us to test drive it once it becomes a reality........please?