Mini has become the first company in the world to use RFID technology to communicate directly with its customers through billboard advertising.

Mini Motorboards feature an ever-changing array of unique and personalised messages targeted to and triggered by Mini owners. Messages will be spelled out in lights on billboards in locations in New York, Chicago, San Francisco and Miami beginning late January and early February. The boards recognise unique RFID codes and display messages based on the answers given to an online survey all owners are encouraged to answer.

An electronic key fob containing the RFID code sent to the participant fits on a regular keychain and electronically communicates with the billboard.

Content is created using a number of factors, including information provided by the owners, geography, time, and other general information. When not displaying custom messages, the boards show content that's relevant to Mini or the location of the board. The RFID technology deployed allows users to be identified from up to 500ft. The RFID tags do not contain any user data, and use cryptographic protocols to maximise customer privacy.

It has not been confirmed if RFID billboards will be coming to the UK.