Stuck for an idea what to buy your car-loving sprog or sprogette for Crimbo? Well how about a mini dragster?

Engineer Brian Eyre, one of the founders of kart racing in Britain, designed the so-called "bathtub hotrods" nearly two decades ago. His grandchildren even raced them at drag-racing Mecca Santa Pod, setting a Guinness World Record when 4-year-old Steven hit 22.7mph doen the quarter-mile strip.

And now, some of the miniatures are up for auction through H&H Classic Auctions.

The Batmobile – built around a stunning, 10’-long body believed to be one of just four designed and built for the Batman and Batman Returns films, this two-seater features on-board computers measuring RPM and engine temperatures, pit-to-car communications, plus a sound-effect system that imitates guns, bomb launchers and sirens. It has a high-power, tuned Honda engine plus a modified race gearbox – believe it or not, this makes the vehicle suitable for experienced and inexperienced drivers from age 5 up. It even comes complete with its own four-wheel trailer.

American Drag Race Rail – this 11’ long American Slingshot Rail led the field in early Junior Drag Racing in the mid-1990s, achieving a record-breaking 17.16 second quarter-mile from a standing start at Santa Pod, with a terminal speed of 63mph.

American NASCAR - this 10’ NASCAR replica was inspired by the Tom Cruise racecar from the film "Days of Thunder". The vehicle features an omni-directional impact full crush zone body/chassis, and the race seat can accommodate an adult frame. It is powered by a 300cc Japanese Kubota engine.

American-style Bath Tub Hotrod – Hand-built wood and polished alloy bodies with bright red paintwork and chromed metal parts mounted on full steel chassis … how’d you like them apples? The lavishly furnished passenger compartments feature interior lighting, fully-functioning electronic dashboard, plus carpets and deep buttoned upholstery. The electric-powered version is powered by 2 x 24-volt electric motors and is capable of speeds up to 15mph, making it suitable for children from three to 12 years of age. The petrol model is for kids aged 6 to 12 and has a 60cc two-stroke engine and a top speed of 20mph.

Want one? Yes please. But don’t expect ’em to go cheap.