(Pocket-lint) - The Mini is 60-years-old in 2019 and that's going to see the official launch of the new Mini Electric later in the year.

But thanks to some retrofitting by Swindon-based firm Swind, there's now an electric version of the Classic Mini, perfect for recreating scenes from The Italian Job, but with zero emissions. 

While BMW's official plans for the new model are still to be revealed, Swind has taken fully restored Minis and converted them to be electric vehicles. That involves equipping them with an electric motor and battery, offering 125 miles of range and a 0-62 time of 9.2 seconds.

They get a conventional Type 2 charger, with a full recharge in around 4 hours.


Swind is pitching the new Mini as a perfect city car; small dimensions will make parking a breeze and the famed go-kart drive will make it fun - but the £79,000 price tag marks this our as a retro project for serious fans. You could by a Tesla for that sort of money.

But you're not just buying an electric powertrain. There are custom options too, interior upgrades like heated seats, as well as options for modern connectivity like USB ports and satnav.

Retro-fitting cars with electric powertrains is becoming popular and seen as a cunning way to preserve some classics. Jaguar retro-fitted the E Type - as famously driven by Price Harry at the Royal Wedding - and we know there are many others looking at ways to adapt heritage models for a clean future. 


Infrastructure remains a concern for those looking to buy an electric car, but the global network is rapidly expanding, with most metropolitan areas now offering easily accessible charging stations.

But as more electric models are introduced, and concerns about emissions and air quality continue to rise, charging and range anxiety are diminishing as people accept the everyday benefits of electric motoring. With the Swind Mini, you can at least do it in style.

Writing by Chris Hall.