There really isn't too much else we can say about this one. The title is pretty self-explanatory. It's a Mini, it does a backflip, it is amazing. 

This is the first time a car has ever managed to do a backflip, we're told. Obviously backflipping cars isn't something you see every day, but Hot Wheels has done some good work producing equally as outlandish car stunt videos, but none features a full backflip.

This video uses a John Cooper Works Mini and was filmed in Tignes, France. The high-powered Mini has specially modified suspension and we imagine an uprated engine.

The stunt was carried out by French daredevil driver Guerlain Chicherit. He already had a go back in January, with Mini teasing a backflip video as coming soon. This teaser was not filmed in the French Alps, however, but at a ferry port. Perhaps he didn't land it.

Either way, Chicherit has managed a full backflip in a car, something which anyone could be proud of. What next? Frontflip? Double backflip? How about a backflip in a Ford Transit? Probably a bit too ambitious, but consider the gauntlet laid down.