Mercedes is renowned for pioneering bleeding-edge tecno wizardry in its flagship models that eventually finds its way to the innards of most production cars.

Now, the German manufacturer is adopting its Pre-Safe anticipatory safety system as standard in the new CL-Class when it launches later this year.

Pre-Safe makes use of real-time sensor data to almost instantaneously spot the danger of skidding or heavy braking and then make tiny adjustments that increase crash protection for the driver and passengers.

Using its crystal-ball style foresight, Pre-Safe moves seats to the position for optimal seat belt and airbag deployment, and closes front side windows and sunroof to both guard against occupants being thrown from the car and to strengthen the overall structure of the vehicle.

The optional Pre-Safe braking system applies adequate brake pressure to guard against a collision and is triggered when radar sensors detect a fast approaching object.

Let's just hope every manufacturer will eventually adopt similar safety measures in their vehicles, so that even the most humble of Perodua owners can benefit from life-saving technology such as this. Don't think it's possible?

Maybe you said the same thing about airbags 10 years ago...