This is the Mercedes EQS SUV, a luxury electric car

The EQS SUV is based on the EQS saloon that launched in 2021. It's a luxury electric SUV. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There's a 107.8kWh battery, supporting 200kW charging with a maximum range of around 410 miles. There are rear or all-wheel drive options. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
This model rides 20cm higher than the saloon, with a distinctly SUV roofline, allowing space for a third row of seats - so space for seven occupants. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The MBUX Hyperscreen fills the dash, stretching from pillar to pillar for a seamless look, with three distinct screens. There's also the option for an AR HUD. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There's as much luxury in the rear as there is in the front, with heated seats, entertainment options and full electric controls. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
If you don't opt for the third row of seats, there's enough space in the trunk for four golf bags, according to Mercedes. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The Mercedes EQS SUV will be available to order in 2022 - the prices and dates are still to be confirmed. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)