The Mercedes EQE now comes in an AMG version

Mercedes has annouced the AMG version of the EQE saloon, bring two models, the 43 4MATIC and the 53 4MATIC+. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
Both are dual motor, boosting the power output to 350kW or 460kW. Thanks to the AMG Dynamic Plus option, there's also a 505kW version. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
That will see the top model able to do 0-62mph in 3.3 seconds, while the maximium range is still over 300 miles thanks to the huge battery. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There are AMG styling tweaks across the interior and the exterior of the car, from AMG floor mats to a different grille on the front. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There's also a different sound package on the AMG models, allowing customisation of the interior and exterior noises. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
While this model delivers a perofmance lick to the EQE, AMG has promised that there will be other AMG models in the future. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)