Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX is one wild-looking 1000km electric range concept

Merc's EQXX concept has an eye-catching elongated rear end and wrap around rear tail lights for a look that's quite unlike anything else. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
Looks aside, however, the EQXX combined a new battery process, redesigned drivetrain, solar panels, and software efficiency for 1000km/620m per charge. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
That such a range is possible on a standard battery - the battery holds almost 100kWh of charge - is remarkable. Merc reckons 1kWh will deliver almost 10km/6m. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
A room interior has a single-piece main display for infotainment that almost replaces the dash - right from driver to passenger side. It's subtle yet stunning. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The Vision EQXX concept is a four-seat setup. The materials are sustainable too, with a cactus-derived leather-alternative used for the seats. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
This is all just concept for the time being, but Mercedes promises a road-legal Vision EQXX will prove its range claims in "spring 2022". We'll be watching! (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)

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