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(Pocket-lint) - Mercedes has announced its latest electric car, the EQE. As the name suggests, this is an electric E-Class, one of the workhorses of Mercedes executive fleet.

Mercedes isn't hanging around with its electric car launches. Having started with SUVs - the EQC and EQA, it added the EQB earlier in the year, now confirming it's going to be available outside China - before announcing the flagship, the EQS, the electric S-Class.

As night follows day, the launch of the Mercedes EQE is completely predictable, although exactly how Mercedes might name the smaller electric saloon, the C-Class, is anyone's guess, considering the EQC already exists.

Mercedes-BenzMercedes EQE photo 9

Back to the EQE, and Mercedes has given more interior space to this electric version than you'll find in the combustion version. The passenger cabin sees the occupants sitting higher, with more shoulder space and it's longer in the interior overall, while a 430 litre boot space has been retained.

It's 90mm shorter than the EQS, but adopts a similar MBUX Hyperscreen (optional). This makes all the interior displays appear as one big digital dash, behind a single piece of curved glass. There's actually three screens (driver, central, passenger), and the Hyperscreen is optional.

To the exterior the EQE is less boxy than the regular E-Class, looking more like the CLS, dropping off to the rear to make the car as efficient as possible.

Mercedes-BenzMercedes EQE photo 13

There's a 90kWh battery, offering 170kW charging and promising up to 410 miles of range, although that's going to depend on how you drive the car. There's two power outputs at launch, a 250kW and 215kW, although a 500kW performance version is coming in the future.

Four wheel drive and rear axle steering are available for the EQE, again with two options to change the available steering angle possible.

The options list is expected to be exhaustive, with optional driving sound, HEPA filtered air system and plenty of others on the list.

Whether there's going to be an estate version we don't know, but you'll see the Mercedes EQE hitting the roads in 2022.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 6 September 2021.