This is what an electric Mercedes G-Class might look like

Mercedes has shown off a Concept EQG - an all-electric G-Class concept car, saying that it's "near production". (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The familiar boxy looks are retained on this offroader, with 22-inch wheels and a box on the rear - which you can keep the charging cable in. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
To the front you have a familiar look, but that grille is illuminated and decorated to match the existing EQ line. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
Mercedes isn't softening the offroading skills of this car, keeping the ladder frame it sits on and packing the battery into that. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There will be four motors, one to drive each wheel, with a two-step reduction gearbox so you can control the power for low range driving. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The interior looks to be as premium as you'd expect from the G-Class, with all the latest digital interfaces from Mercedes. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
We don't know when it will appear, we don't know how much it will cost, we don't know the range or the battery capacity - but expect it to be at the top end. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)