Mercedes EQS sets the S Class standard for luxury electric cars

The Mercedes EQS is designed to bring S Class luxury to the electric car class. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
Sitting on a new electric platform, the EQS sets the standard for interior space. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
The MBUX system dominates the display, meaning you can always get to what you want. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
In a car like this, the most important person is usually sitting in the rear. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
There's a 108kWh battery promising over 430 miles of range - and on the top model, a 0-62mph time of 4.3 seconds. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)
If you can afford it, orders will open in summer 2021 with deliveries starting towards the end of the year. (image credit: Mercedes-Benz)

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