(Pocket-lint) - Mercedes-Benz is at CES 2015 in Las Vegas and has unveiled a self-driving concept car that'll make you forget all about Google's golf cart-like autonomous prototype.

The car is aptly named F 015 Luxury in Motion, likely because it is the epitome of luxury. The seats inside, for instance, swivel to face each other, allowing all four passengers to relax in the vehicle and converse as if they were sitting in a lounge. And if they want to take control and change the music, lighting, or other types of entertainment, they can simply touch and interact with various screens throughout the car.

While demonstrating how the screens work, Mercedes-Benz told Pocket-lint that they could potentially support other features like eye-tracking and gestures. Keep in mind however that this is a concept car. It's Mercedes-Benz's vision of the future and is not even remotely close to being production-ready. In fact, it might not ever hit the roads. The F 015 is - quite frankly - a tease.

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But it's a gorgeous and really cool tease. We especially liked the LED fields feature. It allows for the front and rear of the car to change colours. When the LED lights shine white, for instance, it means the car is in manual mode and being driven by a human driver. When the LED lights switch over to blue, the car has entered autonomous mode and is functioning completely without human assistance.

Such a feature would allow police or other vehicles to be aware whenever the F 015 is operating autonomously around them. As for other notable features, Mercedes-Benz said the car is light because it's made of carbon fiber reinforced plastic. It also runs on hydrogen. In other words, the F 015 is not only a smart car but also a green car.

We only spent a few minutes scoping out Mercedes-Benz's concept car, but we walked away enchanted and longing for the future to be here now.

Writing by Elyse Betters.