If you have a Mercedes-Benz and are wanting Apple's new CarPlay, go ahead and put down your checkbook as you may not have to buy a 2015 model.

A Mercedes-Benz spokesperson speaking to 9to5mac said the company is looking into “an after-market solution for previous cars” to install CarPlay by end of year - so C Class 2014 owners can stop weeping.

It'll be an interesting strategy on Mercedes-Benz's part. The company didn't detail how installations would work, but it's presumed customers would have to go into a dealership and pay a fee to have the CarPlay software put in their older Mercedes. Honda offers a similar option to put Siri Eyes Free on older vehicles.

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And we can see why iPhone owners would want CarPlay in their car. The software gives drivers access to mapping, music services and messages - guided by simple words or touch controls, all while tapping into iPhone data to make it more seamless.

Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Volvo demoed cars with CarPlay at the Geneva International Motor Show earlier this week, with BMW, Ford, General Motors, Honda, Hyundai, and others looking to join later.

Ferrari and Volvo haven't revealed if they'll offer after-market solutions to CarPlay like Mercedes-Benz.