(Pocket-lint) - LG talked at CES this year about its plans to put its OLED displays in a wider range of housings, whether in planes, cars or any other setting, and it's already coming good on that pledge.

It's announced that it is supplying the dashboard displays for the new 2021 Cadillac Escalade, using LG's P-OLED tech to offer its readouts. The new Escalade will become the first production car in the world to feature a curved OLED screen, too, according to LG.

It's not a small unit, either - the 38-inch display is made up of three separate P-OLED display panels, the largest measuring 16.9 inches diagonally.

A central dash houses speedometers and other key information, while over to the right a large unit offers entertainment and navigation control. A strip to the left looks like it offers shortcuts to key features.  

The car has a range of these features including as Augmented Reality-enabled navigation and Night Vision, all of which are powered by LG-developed software.

The future of vehicle displays?

LG says that the thinking behind the curvature of display is related to viewing angles for drivers, to ensure that its information is legible at all times without any fuss. Of course, the high quality and deep contrast of OLED displays also means that it will most likely look as premium as it is in the Escalade and any other future vehicles. 

At CES 2020, as we mentioned above, LG was even more ambitious in its ideas, showcasing how its displays could be used to improve experiences throughout a passenger plane, for example, by giving pilots and crew high-quality readouts and screens, as well as giving passengers great displays on which to view entertainment. 

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Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.