If you've ever seen Pimp My Ride you'll be familiar with the importance our yoof places on being able to bang out some monster choons on their In-Car Entertainment (ICE).

But older folks need their Rachmaninov and Radio 4 to be just as clear and, erm, pumping. So Lexus has cranked its partnership with hi-fi experts Mark Levinson all they way to 11, meaning the new LS 460 will now come with a 19-speaker stereo system.

Yes, that's 19 speakers of ear-perforating treble 'n bass. Even the Bang & Olufsen system in the Audi A8, which has to be specially installed by B&O boffins will struggle to compete with this baby, which has 450 watts of juice, 15-channel amp and makes use of 7.1-channel speaker architecture that ensures even your VIP passengers (boss, fake sheikh, kids, etc) will benefit from sound as much as you.

What's more, every part has been custom built for the LS 460, which has been
specially constructed to limit exterior noise invading the cabin and ruining the upper levels on your Disco Megamix.

Expect the new LS 460 and Reference Sound Audio System to hit showrooms some time early in 2007. Until then, you'll just have to settle for your two to four speakers with eight-track, tape deck, CD-player or iPod kit. (You are, like, soooo 20th century.)