This is the new Lexus RZ fully electric SUV

The Lexus RX has been developed from the ground up as an electric car - there's no combustion options here. (image credit: Lexus)
It still looks like a Lexus SUV, however, although there's a sleek rear with an interesting split rear spoiler. (image credit: Lexus)
There's a 71.4kWh battery, with all-wheel drive driven by a 150kW front motor and 80kW rear motor. The final range will be over 250 miles. (image credit: Lexus)
There's the option for a panoramic roof, but it's dimmable, so you can turn it opaque for privacy. (image credit: Lexus)
There's also the option for a steering yoke, which Lexus says is easier on steering and gives you a better view of the driver display. (image credit: Lexus)
There's a modern interior, with a reduction os switches and a large central 14-inch display. (image credit: Lexus)
Although the final price of the Lexus RZ isn't yet known, it's open for reservations now. (image credit: Lexus)