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(Pocket-lint) - Lexus has announced an update to the Lexus NX, its mid-sized SUV. As usual for Lexus it is a hybrid setup, but with the 450+ model, Lexus is also moving over to plug-in hybrid for the first time.

The Lexus NX 450+ has a 2.5-litre petrol engine and a 18.1kWh battery, one of the largest you'll find in a PHEV vehicle. That, according to Lexus, can give it a range of 40 miles on pure electric.

While the engine drives the front wheels, there is an electric motor to drive the rear wheels for an all-wheel drive arrangement. You'll get 302hp from it and a 0-62mph time of just over 6 seconds.

LexusLexus NX 450+ is the first plug-in hybrid from the luxury brand photo 4

Lexus is keen to point out that when the battery runs flat, the NX 450+ doesn't just turn into a regular combustion vehicle, it will run like a hybrid model, promising greater efficiency than its rivals.

The NX 450+ is the hero of the new models, but are also a regular hybrid models (or self-charging hybrid as Lexus likes to call it), including the 350h. This doesn't allow you to plug it in, so it very much an update for the older NX model.

The 350h claims a 0-62mph time of 7.7 seconds with 239hp, so both models are pretty powerful. Different versions will be available in different regions, with the US getting non-hybrid options too.

This is very much a new NX overall, with 95 per cent of the parts being new. It still has that SUV appeal, however, and it's grown slightly, being longer, wider and taller than the model it replaces.

LexusLexus NX 450+ is the first plug-in hybrid from the luxury brand photo 7

There's an entirely new interior, with a new infotainment system, designed to be better focused around the needs of the driver, with a Lexus voice assistant, triggered when you say "Hey Lexus".

There will be a 9.8-inch interior display as standard, expanding to 14 inches on top models.

One interesting detail is that there's a new digital door latch, which will make it smoother when you come to open the door and get out. This is linked to the blind-spot detection system, to make sure you don't open the doors into the path of on oncoming vehicle or cyclist.

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The new Lexus NX is due to roll-out in 2021, with production starting in Q3. Prices are still to be announced.

Writing by Chris Hall.