(Pocket-lint) - Lexus, having introduced its compact UX SUV recently, has now revealed what feels like an obvious evolution of the model, the Lexus UX 300e, the company's first fully-electric vehicle.

The new model will be unveiled at the Guangzhou International Automobile Exhibition in China and hints at the market that Lexus will be pitching this electric SUV towards, saying that will be available in China in 2020 and the UK by 2021. 

The Lexus UXe looks essentially the same as the existing hybrid version of the car and that's a good thing, because we like that design. It's looks futuristic, but well proportioned. 

Lexus says that the UXe has been engineered for great on road performance, giving owners a luxury ride, with plenty of insulation against road noise that you'd otherwise hear thanks to the lack of a roaring engine.

The battery is packed into the floor of the car, which should mean a nice low centre of gravity to keep it feeling planted through the corners, but the battery isn't the biggest that you'll find on an electric SUV.

Lexus reports that it has a 54.3kWh battery and that it will give you around 250 miles of driving range. That sounds a little ambitious based on some of the real world figures we've seen from other cars of this size - but there's another oddity on the spec sheet too.

The 50kW charging speed falls well below the 150kW norm of recent launched, so not only are you facing a shorter range, but you might have to wait longer to charge it too. That's not quite what we were expecting from Lexus and whether that's still the case when this vehicle launches in the UK, we'll be interested to see.

Elsewhere, Lexus says that the steering column paddles can be used to adjust the level of regeneration. Lexus isn't the first to do this, it's also on the Audi e-tron, but it does mean you can easily change the feel of the lift-off braking effect.

Lexus hasn't revealed too many other details about its first EV, but we've been waiting expectantly for the a Lexus or Toyota pure EV for some time. I'm sure we'll learn more over the next 12 months.

Writing by Chris Hall.