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(Pocket-lint) - It was back in mid-June 2019 - during a visit to Japan to explore Lexus' transformation, having turned 30 years old - that the Japanese brand first revealed to us it was producing an all-electric car. But it was all very hush hush then because it was waiting on the Tokyo Motor Show to reveal its very first EV, the LF-30.

And here it is in all its glory, looking every bit as futuristic as you might expect. As is typical with Lexus and its mother brand Toyota, this concept car ought to spell out the future for a real production model in a few years time, albeit in road legal form (and certainly with some watered-down design points).

We won't get too wrapped up in the 'what could be', though, as the LF-30 as it stands is very much a concept, exploring the possibilities that all-electric can bring. Here are some highlights:

First, you won't spot a charging port on the LF-30's surface. That's because it doesn't have one. Instead, Lexus believes it will be able to deliver charge wirelessly. The challenge there, of course, will be how fast this will be feasible - as there's no quick system that's able to do this without some loss of energy too.

LexusLexus LF-30 EV Concept images image 5

Second is the 'Advanced Posture Control', which enables individual control of all four wheels, optimising turning performance and relevant height to make the LF-30 suitable for all kinds of terrain. Think of it as all-wheel drive with adaptive suspension for top performance, developed specifically for hybrid motor control. We can't wait to see this in action.

Third, the in-car tech has jumped from the somewhat archaic systems of current Lexus to a much more future-facing design. The cockpit is what Lexus calls 'Tazuna', which roughly translates to reins, the steering controled by a wire system that eliminates a mechanical connection for a more precise steering feeling. Beyond this, the large screens, head-up display, and AR-driven information display for both driver and passengers gives an immersed-in-technology sense.

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Lexus isn't talking potential range at this stage, which will be hinged on how capacious and capable the on-board batteries are. And that can only improve as time ticks on. As Tokyo Motor Show announcements go we think the Lexus LF-30 is the most exciting of the lot this year.

Writing by Mike Lowe.