Lexus has finally shown the world how its hoverboard actually works.

Lexus announced last week that its Slide hoverboard would arrive on 5 August. And now, just one day before Slide was supposed to arrive, the luxury car maker has posted two new videos on YouTube to not only show the hoverboard in action but also explain how Lexus engineers spent more than a year inventing and designing it.

The first video is a 2-minute-long clip of pro skater Ross McGouran testing the board in Barcelona. We can see him attempting to ride railings with the board as well as skate around in a park that Lexus built for testing. McGouran even managed to ride Slide across water in the park, though he also stumbled and fell plenty of times along the way.

Slide apparently features two cryostat reservoirs, in which superconducting material is kept at -197 degrees through immersion in liquid nitrogen, while Lexus' test track contains permanent magnets. More than 200 metres of magnetic track was transported to Barcelona to lay beneath the hoverpark surface, according to Lexus.

The magnetic field from the track is "frozen into the superconductors" in the board - and this is essentially what keeps the board hovering. Lexus said this track is also what gave McGouran the opportunity to demonstrate tricks no skateboard could ever perform, such as traveling across water, which you can see in the video above.

The second video from Lexus is 5 minutes in length and focuses on the 18-month development period it took to build the board from scratch. Slide is the product of Lexus and its partnerships with experts in super conductive technology, and they teamed up to create the board using strong magnets and liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors.

Slide also features a spindle-grille shape and is at least partially made of natural bamboo. In these new documentary-like videos from Lexus, engineers revealed how they wanted to design Slide so that it would be functional, but they also wanted the look of the board to complement Lexus' style.

Unfortunately, Slide is remaining a prototype and therefore won't be for sale.