Lexus created a real-life, rideable hoverboard and has been teasing it via videos on YouTube for well over a month, but now the luxury car maker is ready to make things official.

The company has announced - via another video, naturally - that its hoverboard will arrive on 5 August. Lexus hasn't provided any other details at the moment. It also hasn't sent event invites to the press. It only posted a video with a date and a caption about the hoverboard being seen in action soon.

"When technology, design and imagination come together amazing things can be achieved," Lexus explained in the video's caption. "The Lexus Hoverboard represents true engineering innovation and can be seen in action soon."

The hoverboard, which is actually called Slide, is the product of not only Lexus but also its partnerships with experts in super conductive technology. They teamed up to create a board that features strong magnets (in order to stay in-air), liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors (hence the mist), and permanent magnets to support a rider.

It also features a spindle-grille shape and is at least partially made of natural bamboo. The Lexus hoverboard has been in development for over 18 months by teams in both Germany and London and was suppoed to begin testing in Barcelona over the last few weeks. It can currently float an inch off the ground.

We should know more about Slide in the coming days.