Luxury car maker Lexus has created a real-life, rideable hoverboard.

The company has announced that it partnered with experts in super conductive technology in order to create what it described as "one of the most advanced hoverboards ever developed". The project is part of an ongoing campaign at Lexus that's meant to showcase creativity and innovation within the Lexus brand.

The board, called the Lexus Hoverboard, features strong magnets in order to stay in-air as well as liquid nitrogen-cooled superconductors and permanent magnets to support a rider (which explains the mist coming from the board). It also features a spindle-grille shape and is comprised of materials that include natural bamboo.

The Lexus hoverboard has been in development for over 18 months by teams in both Germany and London and should begin testing in Barcelona over the coming weeks. It can currently float about an inch off the ground.

A Hoverboard is a levitating board that resembles a skateboard without wheels. The concept became popular after being depicted in the Back to the Future films.