LeEco shot to fame after it began investing in the first electric Aston Martin, the 1000bhp RapidE – now it's unveiled its own autonomous car, LeSEE.

LeEco also makes smartphones and televisions but it's really pushing cars right now following its Aston Martin and Faraday Future investments. LeEco LeSEE is the name of the all electric car that was demoed driving on stage at a live event. The car was able to self-drive and self-park using voice commands via a smartphone app.

LeSEE appears to be a concept car at this stage but the fact it was shown moving is a very promising start for the company. LeEco envisions a future for these cars as taxis, each using coloured front lights to show their availability. The car should top out at 130mph and features a front face that doubles as a smart screen for readouts.

The rear doors are front opening "suicide doors" to the rear seat which apparently adapt to the passenger. Extending that passenger comfort focus, there are screens behind the front seats for entertainment. The car even manages facial recognition and self-learning, apparently.

It's all very early days stuff with LeSEE only shown off on stage right now but expect more in the form of a concept or prototype at the Beijing Auto Show on 24 April.

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