Land Rover’s all-new Freelander 2 goes on sale in the UK this week, and a range of accessories for the mid-sized 4x4 have been announced.

An audio connectivity module allows you to integrate an iPod nano, iPod 30+60GB and iPod Photo (version 4), using the steering wheel controls for track selection and volume, with a neat cradle positioned to the left of the dash controls. The auxiliary connection, fitted as standard, also allows analogue input from other personal music player devices.

A rear screen entertainment system with wireless headsets can be added. Comprising of two 5.6-inch LCD screens in the rear headrests, it will allow most portable audio video devices to be connected, including portable DVD players and indeed iPods.

It’s also been revealed that insurance groups for the F2 will range from 11 to 14. Prices start at £20,935 for the TD4 S and rise to £33,990 for the I6 HSE (price includes CO2 offsetting for first 45,000 miles).