This is the all-new Range Rover

The new Range Rover has been revealed. Although it looks similar to previous models, it's completely new, sitting on a new platform. (image credit: Land Rover)
While the front looks similar, the back has been totally overhauled to be a lot sleeker - but it's still a split tailgate. Comes in long or short wheelbase. (image credit: Land Rover)
The most striking part of the design is the hidden rear lights. When off, they're almost completely invisible in the dark strips. (image credit: Land Rover)
The interior has been updated too, most notably with a 13-inch floating display in teh centre of the car. (image credit: Land Rover)
On top of leather options, there's new Kvadrat and Ultrafabrics finishes that have a lower impact on the environment - while still looking great. (image credit: Land Rover)
It's still a Range Rover and that means you still get all the offroading skills as well as the on road prowess. (image credit: Land Rover)
The Range Rover aims to be the ultimate in luxury, offering space, power, comfort and great handling. It will come with 4, 5, or 7 seats. (image credit: Land Rover)
There's new suspension on the Range Rover, with adaptive air springs. There's also rear-wheel steering, as standard. (image credit: Land Rover)
There will be a plug-in hybrid with a 38.2kWh battery, offering 62 miles of electric range. There's also a V8 petrol alongside other petrol and diesel options. (image credit: Land Rover)
Starting at $104,000, the new Range Rover is available to order with loads of options, loads of refinement and loads of capability. Deliveries expected 2022. (image credit: Land Rover)

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