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(Pocket-lint) - The Land Rover Discovery Sport has gained a couple of new powertrains in the most recent update to the popular seven-seater SUV, giving greener options for potential customers.

The big announcement is that you'll be able to get the Discovery Sport as a plug-in hybrid option, meaning you'll be able to drive emission free for a short range - the sort of range that will get the kids to school, the weekly shop and possibly a local commute completed without using the combustion engine. 

The PHEV is due to launch slightly later in 2020 so the full details haven't been revealed, but Land Rover has confirmed that the plug-in version will pair the battery with a three-cylinder petrol engine.

Available sooner will be a mild-hybrid. While not offering the full advantages of the PHEV, the mild-hybrid pairs the diesel engine with a 48V battery system. This is becoming a popular option, allowing the electrical system to take over various functions, improve efficiency of the diesel for a cleaner overall result. 

The mild hybrid sees the Discovery Sport achieve 40mpg according to Land Rover.

Elsewhere, the new Discovery Sport sticks to its popular seven seat configuration, making this a great choice for families looking to car share on the school run or have spare seats to break up fighting kids in the second row. 

Of course it has all the capabilities offroad that come with the brand, while still offering a front-wheel drive option for those who want something a little softer. This is also the most efficient model sitting at 47mpg with the 150PS diesel engine according to Land Rover.

The company has also worked to optimise the four-wheel drive versions, all now able to decouple the rear wheels when drive from the rear axel isn't needed - like cruising on the motorway. 

The tech interface on the interior moves to Land Rover's touch version, now with support for Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, making it even easier to use content and services from your phone. 

There's boosted tech elsewhere in the car too, with the rearview mirror being able to switch to an external camera, ideal if there are too many heads in the back or if you've loaded it up to the roof with camping gear. The Disco Sport also gets the ground clearance cameras we saw recently on the Land Rover Evoque, meaning that if you are offroad, you can take a good look for obstacles and pick a clear path through the rough stuff. 

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The new model Land Rover Discovery Sport is now available to order from £31,575, but there's no price no the mild or plug-in hybrid models yet.

Writing by Chris Hall.