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(Pocket-lint) - Land Rover seems to be constantly revealing new futuristic inventions of late, and its most recent creation wants to use invisibility to help drivers.

The Land Rover Transparent Trailer isn't, as the name suggests, really see-through. Rather it uses clever cameras to make the trailer appear invisible so the driver can see behind using the rear-view mirror, unobstructed.

The Transparent Trailer does a lot more too. It has cameras on the rear that should make parking with a trailer more like parking normally. These even offer guidelines on the car's screen so as to help the driver get in the space without any accidents.

But what good bit of tech comes without an app these days? That's why there's also the Cargo Sense app for monitoring cargo remotely. This is ideal for a horse box as it works with a camera and pressure sensitive mat system called Cargo Sense.

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If the horse gets agitated and moves about the weight sensors in the mat can alert the driver while driving, on the car screen, or while parked and away via the app. This even has temperature sensors and an internal camera so the driver can check on any precious cargo at anytime from a smartphone.

The technologies are in the prototype stages right now but will be shown off by Land Rover at a demonstration at the Burghley Horse Trials which runs 3-6 September.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.