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(Pocket-lint) - Land Rover has embraced the wonderful world of augmented reality to offer anyone a chance to virtually tour its new Discovery Sport before it physically arrives.

Anyone wishing to take a close look at the 2015 Land Rover Discovery Sport before it's in the country can do so at 117 Land Rover retailers in the UK. Pop in before 22 January, when the car goes on sale, and you can strap into the Durovis Dive headset to take a virtual tour.

There will be a platform in store where the car will eventually go, looking at this activates the experience. The car should appear in augmented reality as a photo realistic 3D model that you can walk around and examine. Different animations will kick in at certain points to show off features like the driver's door opening to let you look inside the car.

The Durovis Dive is essentially a headset housing with lenses that holds an iPhone 5S which displays the experience via an app.

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Laura Schwab, Jaguar Land Rover UK marketing director said: “We wanted to bring the new Discovery Sport to life between the global announcement and vehicles arriving in show rooms. We have received a huge amount of interest from customers through our retailers across the country, and this will give an exciting immersive experience, beyond that of a traditional online configurator or sales brochure."

The Land Rover Discovery Sport will go on sale in the UK on 22 January from £32,395.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.