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(Pocket-lint) - Land Rover has announced the launch of its new Discovery Sport. Along with it will be the world's first competition for a group to win a trip to space on Virgin Galactic.

Despite being an SUV, the Land Rover Discovery Sport is also compact. It manages to cram in a 5 + 2 seating configuration for the entire family and more.

Thanks to a new multi-link axel system the on-road drive should be firm and comfortable while still allowing for an off-road ability. An eD4 turbodiesel engine version will be introduced in 2015 that can manage 119g/km CO2. Both should come with 9-speed automatic or 5-speed manual versions, and pedestrian airbags should a person be hit.

There will be an all-new 8-inch infotainment system built into the dash with intuitive controls and improved connectivity.

The Land Rover Discovery Sport will be available in early 2015 from £32,395.

The competition, to win a flight into space on Virgin Galactic, was launched with the new Discovery Sport at Spaceport America. There are four seats available to win for the zero gravity experience and the competition will be running in over 40 countries to those who buy the new Land Rover Discovery Sport.

Phil Popham, Jaguar Land Rover Group Marketing Director, said: "Only Land Rover could offer this incredible opportunity: the chance to win the most spectacular group journey of a lifetime. Our heritage is rooted in adventure, exploration and a desire to go above and beyond, and nothing embodies this spirit of discovery more than a trip to space."

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Writing by Luke Edwards.