Lamborghini teased a car concept for MIT's EmTech conference, and now it's unveiled that concept. And we'll admit, we're excited.

The Terzo Millennio supercar concept has a futuristic (yet very Lamborghini) design, which is coupled with new technologies. The concept was born from a three-year collaboration between Lamborghini and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The partnership aims to "write an important page in the future of super sports cars for the third millennium,” according to Lamborghini.

The concept car itself has four electric motors, one in each wheel, as well as supercapacitors, which can deliver a charge faster than traditional batteries, while handing many charge cycles and featuring storage capacities much higher than standard capacitors. Lamborghini and MIT even said they are also looking into using the car's carbon fiber body as an energy storage medium.

The result: If tiny cracks should appear due to a collision or whatever, the charge can traverse through the car's body and jump-start a "self-repairing" process to prevent further cracks from spreading. MIT’s Dinca Research Lab and MIT’s Mechanosynthesis Group are focused on the development of energy storage systems as well as the use of these forward-thinking materials.


That said, Lamborghini and MIT have mostly worked on the exterior design for now. It still needs to develop a system that is capable of high-peak power and energy. Keep in mind this is a concept car, and as such, there is no firm deadline as to when or how Lamborghini will incorporate these technologies and designs. The Lamborghini-MIT partnership has two more years, however.