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(Pocket-lint) - Happy Birthday to Lamborghini from all of us at Pocket-lint. The company that’s forever trying to kick sand in Ferrari’s face is celebrating 50 years of car-making this year. And as a birthday present to itself, at the Shanghai auto show this weekend it showed this – the snappily titled Lamborghini Aventador LP 720-4 50°.

It's basically a 100 model-run limited edition Aventador, with 20 more horsepower than the standard car. Every one of them will be painted in Lamborghini's "Giallo Maggio" yellow paint which has apparently been the number one colour of choice for customers of the brand over the past 50 years.

lamborghini aventador lp720 4 50° pictures and eyes on image 4

The massive crowds around the Lambo stand struck us on the first public day of the Shanghai show. They reminded us of the last music festival we went to. And if you ever wanted evidence of how this huge country is shaking up the car market, China is soon likely to be Lambo's biggest market. Oh and the average age of a buyer of one of its cars here is 27. No, that's not a typo.

So it's perhaps no surprise this acid-yellow special was launched here. Beyond the yellow, its lower body is showered with bits of black carbon and when you reach the back of the car it all goes a bit nuts, looking like someone has ripped off the normal rear end of the Aventador and then let a two-year-old loose with some carbon fibre, black mesh and a tube of superglue. It's certainly striking - and all in the name of aero according to the raging bull people.

lamborghini aventador lp720 4 50° pictures and eyes on image 12

Inside, you get quilted leather in the same yellow tone as the exterior, which we reckon might get a bit wearing on the eyes - so luckily you can have it in brown instead. Although you'll probably be having too much fun to care if you’re lucky enough to get behind the wheel of an Aventador.

Still, for all the fun and frolics of this special-edition car, if we had a cool quarter of a million to drop on a Lambo, we'd be go for the recently launched Aventador Roadster which was parked next door to the LP-720 on the stand. It does without the carbon bits, but also without a roof – all the better to hear that V12 with. And best of all, you can get it painted in Lamborghini's orange which, to our eyes, will always be the number one colour for a Lambo.

Writing by Joe Simpson. Originally published on 29 April 2013.