Mix together a confined space, hours of waiting, a few people and an optional sprinkling of children and allow to simmer. Alternatively, go away for a short UK break this Bank holiday weekend - a sure-fire recipe for disaster.

Apparently 53% of us reckon we are a better driver than our partners, so the chances are if you think you’re better then her, she’ll be sitting there thinking exactly the same as you. And friction between couples stuck in traffic jams this weekend is set to cause serious relationship problems, according to Kia Motors UK.

The research also revealed that almost one in five of us would consider dumping their other half if they were too critical of our driving, so Relate will be busy next week seeing as it’s also reckoned 59% will this weekend indeed slate their "loved one's" wheelmanship (or wheelwomanship, natch).

Traffic congestion is set to be 50% higher than a usual weekend as Brits flock to all parts of the country to grab a last few days of fun before September sets in. And yet, many partners may not even make the trip, says Kia, because 13% of us avoid being in a car with their other half.

Stephen Kitson, Communications Director of Kia Motors (UK) Limited said: “Spending a lot of time with a partner in a car can be stressful and it’s not surprising that it’s going to affect a relationship. If you are going to be on the road this weekend, we recommend that you share the driving and factor in plenty of stops so that you can cool off‚ if you need to. Why not plan the route and choose the music together before you set off, so you feel like more of a team once you get on the open road?”

Suppose you could always go by train…