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(Pocket-lint) - Korean car manufacturer Kia is to launch an autonomous driving mode for select vehicles from 2023 on.

AutoMode uses a range of proprietary autonomous driving technologies, which include Highway Driving Pilot to enable driver-less travel on motorways and highways.

It will feature first in next year's Kia EV9 SUV and, by 2026, will be available in all new models launched in major markets.

Cars featuring AutoMode will receive regular over-the-air updates as new features are developed. Kia will also enhance and improve the system with the goal of eventually offering fully autonomous technology.

The announcement was made during the brand's investor day event held in Seoul. It also revealed that all of its vehicles will be equipped with connected car services from 2025, so that they can be regularly updated with new features and upgrades as they appear.

In addition, Kia expects to sell more than 1.2 million battery electric vehicles (BEV) per year by 2030. 

“Kia has been undergoing a full-scale transformation which has included changes in corporate vision, logo, product and design, and strategy. To achieve the company's vision of becoming a sustainable mobility solutions provider, we will focus on accelerating the transition to future business models. We will become even more customer-centric in our approach and pursue a dynamic transformation while maintaining sound business operations," said company CEO, Ho Sung Song.

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Writing by Rik Henderson.