Kia Sportage design preview showcases the future family SUV

There's a new interior with a huge sweeping display, all digital, to keep you connected. (image credit: Kia)
Kia is pushing premium materials on the new Sportage, looking to lift the experience. (image credit: Kia)
The new Kia Sportage is designed to be more muscular, to make it better looking on the road. Rotate your phone to see more. (image credit: Kia)
While it still has some Sportage heritage, the nose is very different, looking much more aggressive and dynamic. Rotate your phone to see more. (image credit: Kia)
There will be a bespoke version for European markets and we're expecting bigger engines for the US compared to other regions. (image credit: Kia)
We're not expecting the full reveal of the car until September, but we suspect there will be plenty of teasing before then. (image credit: Kia)