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(Pocket-lint) - Kia has shown off the exterior design of the new EV6, its new electric car that sits alongside the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

It sits on the E-GMP platform that's shared across the group, designed from the ground up as an electric car. Kia has had great success with its battery adaptations - notably the Kia e-Niro - so there's high hopes for this new model from the company.

The full reveal of the Kia EV6 will take place in March 2021 at an online event, so at the moment, all we have is the exterior design.

It's highly likely, however, that it will offer the same 58 or 72.6kWh battery options with RWD or AWD on different models, just as we found in the Ioniq 5. That also suggests it'll support 350kW charging.

We'll have to await confirmation of these details, however, and for now focus on what we do know.

Kiainterior photo 1

From the exterior, this model appears to sit in the SUV or CUV category, with a sleek nose and what looks like potentially useful boot space to the rear.

What's encouraging is that the car looks unique from the images shared by Kia. It doesn't look like any other models in the range and the interior seems to have a design leaning more toward minimalism than recent Kia models.

Certainly there's some interesting design details around the rear of the car, with a light bar across the back, highlighting some of the creases in the bodywork.

Kia says that the new model will use a new user interface for the next-gen infotainment system, with a single curved screen for the driver and centre displays.

We're sure to learn a lot more about this car in the event later in March - but first impressions give us a lot of hope.

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Writing by Chris Hall. Originally published on 15 March 2021.