(Pocket-lint) - Kia has revealed its electric vehicle roadmap for the next five years, including the adoption of 800-volt rapid charging for multiple cars, not just its flagship models.

The Korean manufacturer will stick to 400-volt charging for vehicles for more "cost-conscious" customers, but 800-volt charging could be a game changer for its mid to high-end range.

High voltage charging can not only make "refuelling" stops quicker and less painful, it can reduce the drivetrain's weight, meaning a single charge could potentially last longer.

Kia plans to release 11 new electric cars in Europe by 2025, with 800-volt charging possibly appearing on models released from 2022 and onwards.

"Certain models, particularly those aimed at more cost-conscious buyers, will offer 400-volt charging capability. 800-volt charging won’t simply be reserved for Kia’s flagship models, however, but where it most closely matches the usage profile of a particular model line," said Kia Motors Europe's director of product planning, Pablo Martinez Masip.

"Both systems can be charged at home or in public, with 800-volt rapid charging enhancing usability in models driven by customers who may rely on high-voltage rapid charging more often or drive higher mileages."

Currently, only the Porsche Taycan comes with 800-volt rapid charging capabilities. Car site Autoblog states that the production edition of the Audi E-Tron GT concept will sport it too.

Writing by Rik Henderson.