(Pocket-lint) - This is a clever idea. Kia's Faraday cage can protect wireless keys from being hacked. It's just a pouch really, but it could be a rather good idea for those of us (most of us?) who put our keys near the front door. This type of crime has tripled in some areas of the UK in recent years, especially for high-value vehicles. 

After all, it's a way in which criminals don't even need to break into your home to retrieve the keys for the vehicle they want to steal. Instead, they use a pair of transmitters which intercept the signal between the car and key inside the house. The car is tricked into thinking that a key is present when, of course, it isn't.


Called KiaSafe and costing £10 (around $13), it blocks the key's wireless signal from interference using a layer of metal inside the pouch.

The innovation has been designed by Kia UK specifically and interestingly implies that this is a worse problem in the UK than elsewhere. "Whilst this particular problem is not a global one by any means, the company’s Research and Development engineers are working to ensure that future keyless entry systems are rendered as close to impervious to attack as possible." 

You could always wrap your key in kitchen foil instead...

Writing by Dan Grabham.